Pressured to buy?

Hey you home buyers out there, are you feeling pressured to buy a home these days?

It’s tough out there for sure. I will show a home that just hit the market the afternoon before and by 10:30 in the am there will be a pile of at least 10 business cards on the kitchen table. This means at least 10 agents have shown it before me! Chances are that by 4:00pm that seller will have multiple offers to review at dinnertime. In today’s market, homes are selling in hours, not days. If you want to buy a home in this environment, you’d better be ready to act fast! And because of this, the pressure is on. Making investment decisions under pressure can lead to wrong choices. Remember, it is an investment with lots of $’s at stake. DO NOT ALLOW YOUR REALTOR TO PRESSURE YOU IF YOU ARE NOT READY. Most will not, but if you find yourself in that situation, FIND ANOTHER REALTOR.

Ways to not feel pressure:

Know the market. Spend time with your Realtor looking at homes in the areas you are interested in knowing that you may not end up with one of those homes. By looking at these homes, you become knowledgable about what to expect when you are ready to pull the trigger.
Know your financing. Getting Pre-Qualified is not enough these days. Go the step further and get Pre-Approved. Not all lenders are willing to go through the underwriting process prior to contracting on a home, but the good, hardworking ones will. If yours won’t, find one that will.
Stop listening to your neighbors, moms, dads, cousins, dogs. They mean well, but if they haven’t sold at least 50 homes, they are not real estate experts and their advice may be less than informed. If they are pressuring you, that can make you make bad decisions. Listen to your experienced Realtor for advice.
A lot must come together in order to be successful in getting a home under contract these days. Be prepared, not pressured. Contact me for more advice on this and other aspects of buying and selling homes.

Happy home buying!

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