Restaurant Review – Sawa Sushi

If you like sushi, you know how difficult it is to find a great sushi place. Well you are in luck because we just found your next go to sushi spot. On the South West side of Littleton off of W Ken Caryl Ave and S. Pierce Street there is a dingy little plaza with a hidden gem. Sawa Sushi has been open for about two months and already the local community is raving about how wonderful it is. While sushi definitely seems to be their specialty you are sure to find something on their menu for the non sushi lovers.

Location: Despite its not-so-ideal location, a chic little sushi restaurant has been born. Sawa Sushi may be tucked away in a hidden corner of the suburbs, but it is a welcomed addition to the community.

Ambiance: Up our arrival, we first noticed the lack of noise, we heard extremely quiet music, table conversations and the occasional clinking of glassware, but everyone seemed to be talking in hushed tones. Most times when you arrive at a restaurant, you feel the need to shout amidst the chaos; however, Sawa Sushi offers a quiet, intimate environment allowing for easy conversation with your dinner guests. Due to its location, Sawa Sushi is a small place and due to its growing popularity, we suggest arriving early or enjoying your food as an early dinner or even lunch to avoid the wait.

Service: Sawa Sushi surely knows how to make you feel special, as their wait staff is tentative and friendly. We were never thirsty or anxiously awaiting for service. We were approached several times throughout our meal to ensure we had everything we needed. Our drinks were filled constantly and any wrappers/trash were removed from our table immediately.

Food: We ordered the Red Dragon & Hawaii special sushi rolls, a Salmon Hand Roll and a cup of Miso Soup. The miso soup was just as expected, light in flavor, garnished with green onions and served at the ideal temperature. The Red Dragon & Hawaii rolls were served in a timely manner and were a total masterpiece. The chefs’ years of experience were evident. Sawa Sushi definitely delivers in quality when it comes to their sushi, our rolls were filled with plump pieces of fish and did not disappoint. The hand roll was served a la carte and hit the spot with its bold flavor. At the end of our meal, Sawa even went above and beyond to bring us a bowl of pineapple as a kind gesture and we welcomed it with excitement.

Overall, I give it 4.5 out of 5. This is a must try for the whole family.